Retail market size

When opening a shop anywhere, one always makes sure local demand fits a business’s offer. With a population of 1.2 million – over 6 million of whom living in a 50 km radius around Brussels – and with Belgium’s household final consumption expenditure reaching 17.2%, the market is quite vast, and locals also tend to dedicate a large part of their budget to shopping. Even through the financial crisis, Brussels’ consumers contributed to the stability of the local economy and its resilience to stress.

Brussels being a premium tourist destination as well as an exceptional MICE location, with over 550k overnights per month, the capital of Europe is a high-traffic area. But people don’t only pop in and out: Brussels is also one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe, boasting a 15.8% population growth during the 2005-2015 decade. These facts explain the high frequentation numbers of the city’s many shopping areas and malls.