One large Brussels with Berliner sauce, please!

Sprechen sie Deutsch? Well if you do, you might want to hang out around Brussels’ Dansaert and Kanal areas in the coming weeks, especially if you’re the kind of person who has a taste for design and fashion. Because three of Berlin’s hippest entrepreneurs are about to open pop-up stores in Brussels: starstyling, Farrah Floyd, and of/Berlin.

Dansaert and Kanal > Kreuzberg? #BrusselsLovesYou

Question: why would three of the finest fashion and design boutiques in Berlin want to open up stores in the heart of Belgium, next to its main artery? The answer is quite simple: Brussels is simply very attractive to stylish entrepreneurs longing for new horizons. And we wanted to help them bring a bit of Kreuzberg to the Dansaert and Kanal districts. Thanks to the multicultural aspects of both neighbourhoods, anyone can feel home (t)here; both areas are havens of counterculture, designers, and creative people in general, attracting arty locals and tourists alike. This, and much more, is why these quarters of Brussels and Berlin are places where the magic happens, where ideas sprout, where tomorrow is invented, today.

They tasted Brussels, had a crush... and fell in love?

So, how did it all happen? Well, last winter, a gang of Berliners invaded Brussels. Armed to the teeth with their creativity and entrepreneurship, they were fiercely determined to bring civilisation to a remote province of the European empire bigger players have elected their capital – just because no one could actually be jealous of a city that’s been the continent’s historical crossroad, pushover, and exiles’ refuge for the last thousand years. For most of these Berliners, Brussels was essentially a praline-shaped administrative city. But they quickly found out that clichés die out when you let Brussels show you what it has to offer.

‘Brussels and Berlin are places where the magic happens, where ideas sprout, where tomorrow is invented, today.’

Ich bin ein Brusseleir!

The lovely aforementioned Berliners actually came out of curiosity, after a Taste.Brussels delegation invited them over. All they were armed with were umbrellas (we insisted they prepared for rain, notwithstanding the optimistic weather forecast), curiosity, and the will to forget all the clichés Brussels usually evokes. And they all pretty much loved the city, its various districts and their welcoming atmosphere, to the point that some of them decided to come back and have a go at it for real, by opening up shop. Right. Here. Well, not here on the Internet, but around the Dansaert and Kanal districts, that have been attracting hip people and boutiques for quite some time now. So, go check it all out for yourselves. Taste your own Brussels, with a bit of Berliner sauce…